Friday, July 26, 2013



What. A. Summer! I just got back from Worldview Academy, my third consecutive year at the best week of my life! There's no camp like it on the planet, it's true.

I titled this journeywork, and I got this from a lecture I had this week at Worldview Academy. We had a lecture about defining art through a Christian worldview, an important part of it being the fine balance between form and content. If it has neither form nor content, it might as well be dirt cake, total garbage. When a piece has high form (it looks really good, written or painted with high talent) but low content (really bad writing, a bad painting or item, etc.), it's like dirt cake, all pretty on the outside but absolutely terrible when you bite into it. The best works are highest in both content and form. The cover of the book is awesome, the writing is fantastic; the painting is well done and the image is fantastic, etc.
But a journeywork is halfway between. The form isn't amazing, but the content matters; for example, if I sing "Amazing Grace" and my voice is terrible. The content is worship-centered, facing towards God, and uplifting and wonderful, while the form (my voice) is not as well. It's your apprenticeship towards the ultimate goal: worship.
Your journeywork is working towards your ultimate goal. I hope that my journeywork will take me far. And I hope you all find your Journeyworks as well! I hope you can all be discerning in your art: where is it on the art spectrum? 'Art' doesn't mean just paintings, etc. This can be used for books, movies, artwork, photos, television shows... pretty much anything you consume (even food!) can be 'graded' on this spectrum. I hope you use it, and don't eat dirt cake ;)