Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Of food and random.

A photo of something you ate today.



I really don't have much to put down today. It's been a crazy day, with good answers and wonderful people, and shopping and biking and physical therapy. So I'm sore, but relieved that I do not have arthritis. And I got some cute earrings and stuff. 
So yeah.

It's been a good day, and I don't have much to put here. 

Have a good Wednesday and I'll see you tomorrow!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Late nights, and hope

I hate night.
I really do.
Sometimes, though, you need them.

Because you can't appreciate the sunlight if you haven't been in the darkness first.


Sunsets are, I think, the most beautiful time of day. They finalise, but leave with the promise of something new. I believe they are the best representation of hope that God can give us. And they leave in a flair of colour, a triumph, a conquering. And on some days, like today for me, they're even better if you see a sunset with delicious food at an amazing restaurant, a wonderful family, and a waterfront. And if you can look back on your day and be...satisfied.

Because, to be honest, it's awful to look back on your day and say, "Wow, I totally wasted today". But for me, Tuesday, July 24th 2012, was a satisfactory day. From blood draws to Chuck Norris jokes with mom, and then Yogurtland with the sis to sailing with my whole family... Today was good. And I'm honoured and blessed to be able to say that.

Anyhoo, night now.

Fight for the life that our children should have, 
Fight for every freedom that we never had, 
There's no turning back all the bridges are burned,
 Our peace must be earned
So stand, stand up!
What choice have they given us?
Oh stand, stand up!
Fight with us, and fight for love!
Remember the empire, remember your home. 
Remember the empire,
Tear the king from the throne!

//Remember the Empire
By House of Heroes

Of which there is me

I want to do this.
In other words, I'm going to do this.

Partially because I don't have much to ramble on about, and it's nice to have something to talk about.

Day 1: A photo of yourself and a description of how your day went.

^^ Photo of self.

Today... Um, I haven't really done much today, other than sit around watching Leverage reruns with my sister who is off somewhere? Yeah. Now I'm writing this and listening to 'Oh, It's Love' by Hellogoodbye.

So yeah. Today I'll probably go biking despite how awfully sore I am, and we might go catch some YogurtLand later. Om nom nom nom! :3

Anyway, later!! I might blog later today, and if not, tomorrow!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Genevra, and music

One thing you guys might not know about me.

I write.

And I love it.

But tonight's scene has my main character, Genevra (whom is one of my most interesting characters) being bullied, and to be honest, it's hard to write.
First off, meet Genevra.

The first lines of her story go as follows:

They tell me I am the daughter of a well-known inventor who was born in the 1840’s. They gave me his birthday, February 11th, and his last name, Edison. Apparently, they convinced my mum and dad that I had died in childbirth and they were so grieved by the loss of their child, they asked that the birth would never recorded anywhere. 
In reality the doctors stole me away and raised me in a laboratory. They mutilated my genes, first extending my lifetime. Then, when the technology allowed, they did more to me. They merged me with a fox.
I'm left on my own today, with ears, grey hair, and a tail, and the appearance of a mere sixteen-year-old.
But oh, I am so much more than that.

So that's her. She's a headstrong gal, and is the leader of her family 'pack', all mutants like her. For the first time in all her one hundred and forty-five years, Genevra and her older brother, Jon, are headed to high school.

In this alternate-universe Seattle, which is more high-tech and science-y than our world today, Genevra is struggling to find her identity in this world so different than her warehouse-homeschooled life she's been used to since 1864. Hopping into freshman year already knowing calculus and physics automatically labels her as a freak. Not to mention that she either wears skirts or dresses, or sweatpants every day, and every strange ensemble is topped with a hat. The loose bottoms hide her tail, the hat hides her ears.
So because she's different, she's bullied.

Having suffered verbal torment from 'friends' in the past because of my appearance and my homeschooling past (which in private schools, apparently isn't very appreciated), it's not easy to write. Genevra, though, has a family to go to, which loves her and won't hurt her. She's not afraid to talk to her family (like I was back in sixth and seventh grade), and she fights back, if not with punches and words. 

If I ever publish it, I'll let someone read it.


In other news, I went to an awesome concert last night. I'm in love with hellogoodbye and House of Heroes. Relient K was also there, and they have to be one of my most favourite bands.
Listen to them! Go, go, go!!!

Blessings to all, and to all a goodnight! 

driving home tonight
i didn't see the lights
i was just watching you sleep in shotgun
i could have crashed the car

'finding something to do'

Friday, July 20, 2012


Hey again peoples! I don't know if anyone is even reading this but hi anyway :D

So just some rambleiness for today.
Have any of you ever done physical therapy for anything? I just started, really fun, but really tough >.< I've been having pain in my joints and apparently my kneecaps are out of alignment. SO I'm doing P.T. to realign the joints. I am very sore and achey >.<
As well as the stretches and exercises, I'm also doing electro-stim therapy, which they put sticky pads on the offending joint (my knee) and run electricity through the joint to relieve pain or something. All I know is that it's great for people watching.

As I people-watch, I like to guess what they're in the office for, something in their upper body, like back, or shoulders, etc., or their hips, legs, ankles, etc. So I watch what their exercises are, and see what they stretch, work on, etc. And then I see if my guess is right when they go to the massage therapist, or the electro-stim machine and see what they hook up to or get massaged on. It's really very fun! And then today, while on the electro-stim machine, I was watching a lady with her months-old baby, which was SO cute! The patient, the baby's grandmother with tendonitis, was talking to the hand therapist, who is pregnant with her first child. They were exchanging advice and it was interesting to listen to their stories.

Anyhoo, have any of you had any adventures?