Monday, July 23, 2012

Genevra, and music

One thing you guys might not know about me.

I write.

And I love it.

But tonight's scene has my main character, Genevra (whom is one of my most interesting characters) being bullied, and to be honest, it's hard to write.
First off, meet Genevra.

The first lines of her story go as follows:

They tell me I am the daughter of a well-known inventor who was born in the 1840’s. They gave me his birthday, February 11th, and his last name, Edison. Apparently, they convinced my mum and dad that I had died in childbirth and they were so grieved by the loss of their child, they asked that the birth would never recorded anywhere. 
In reality the doctors stole me away and raised me in a laboratory. They mutilated my genes, first extending my lifetime. Then, when the technology allowed, they did more to me. They merged me with a fox.
I'm left on my own today, with ears, grey hair, and a tail, and the appearance of a mere sixteen-year-old.
But oh, I am so much more than that.

So that's her. She's a headstrong gal, and is the leader of her family 'pack', all mutants like her. For the first time in all her one hundred and forty-five years, Genevra and her older brother, Jon, are headed to high school.

In this alternate-universe Seattle, which is more high-tech and science-y than our world today, Genevra is struggling to find her identity in this world so different than her warehouse-homeschooled life she's been used to since 1864. Hopping into freshman year already knowing calculus and physics automatically labels her as a freak. Not to mention that she either wears skirts or dresses, or sweatpants every day, and every strange ensemble is topped with a hat. The loose bottoms hide her tail, the hat hides her ears.
So because she's different, she's bullied.

Having suffered verbal torment from 'friends' in the past because of my appearance and my homeschooling past (which in private schools, apparently isn't very appreciated), it's not easy to write. Genevra, though, has a family to go to, which loves her and won't hurt her. She's not afraid to talk to her family (like I was back in sixth and seventh grade), and she fights back, if not with punches and words. 

If I ever publish it, I'll let someone read it.


In other news, I went to an awesome concert last night. I'm in love with hellogoodbye and House of Heroes. Relient K was also there, and they have to be one of my most favourite bands.
Listen to them! Go, go, go!!!

Blessings to all, and to all a goodnight! 

driving home tonight
i didn't see the lights
i was just watching you sleep in shotgun
i could have crashed the car

'finding something to do'

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  1. Wow this is so cool Laura!! Keep up the blog i can't wait to see and read more! ❤ kailee