Thursday, August 23, 2012


Sorry I've been gone for so long, readers. Life happened, moreover, summer camps. Two in a row. So, sorry!

However, I got an answer to a problem that has long bothered me.
I don't think I've gotten a full night's sleep (unmedicated) in... about two years. I'm tired all the time, constantly running between 2 and 6 hours of sleep. I've tried all the medicines, melatonin and the such, but I always woke up even more tired than I was before I went to sleep.
It finally came to a point where I was just tired of being tired. I told my mom I was sick of this, so would she please contact a sleep specialist? And so she did.
That was at the very beginning of the summer, around June or July, and the closest opening at our local hospital was August 22nd. Yesterday.
So we went in early early in the morning, and after what felt like an interrogation session, the doctor examined my nose and throat. It was weird. I mean, what does your nose and throat have to do with sleep?!
I figured it out later, but we'll get to that in time.
The doctor sat back and said I'd need a sleep study, where I'd stay overnight at the hospital and they would monitor my sleep. She diagnosed me with insomnia, and possible sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is where the throat closes up while you sleep, preventing the sleeper from breathing. The reason I was diagnosed with this is because my throat and nose airways are swollen and closed up, which could mean sleep apnea. She gave me a prescription, not a sleep medication, but a nasal spray which would help clear my nose.

In retrospect, the whole sleep apnea thing makes sense. My nose has been constantly stuffed for awhile, and sometimes it's hard to breathe, or it feels like I'm breathing through a screen.
I told this to my mom, and she said it made sense to her too.

Anywhoo, I'm glad I have answers, and I'm glad I'm back. I'll get back on that 30 day challenge as soon as possible.

Blessings :)

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