Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fencing, and perseverance.

I would've never gotten into fencing if not for perseverance.
And my mother.
But mostly perseverance.

While looking for a sport after I quit dance, my mum won a week of fencing camp for me.
Well, why not?!
Of course, I fell in love. And so I just kept going through that week.

One week.
Five hours a day.
Five days a week.

So good.

And so I got signed up for the school year.

Two hours a day.
Two days a week.
Nine months.

On the first day, I almost turned myself around and walked straight out of there. I had changed my mind. I did not want to fence. I was doubting and really anxious.
But my mom turned me around, kicked my butt, and sent me right back in those front doors.

Of course, I was in a lot of pain (knees, that's later), but I relished the chance to fight, defend, attack.
So I kept going.

And then school happened, I got the lead in our school play Mrs. California.
(That's me, the blonde one in the middle. Mrs. Los Angeles, or Dot.)

Left to right: Abby (San Bernardino), Marnie (Mrs. Modesto), Noah (Dudley, Dot's Gas Company Sponsor), Me, (Mrs. LA, Dot), Katie (Babs, Dot's best friend) Janelle( Mrs. San Francisco (and my bestie)), Michael (Stage Manager)

And then finals. And so I missed from April on. I couldn't do any summer acting. That sucked. So pretty much, I've jumped back into classes after five months of un-practice. And it feels SO GOOD. (Apparently, finals brainwashed me of the wondrous feeling of stab- I mean, poking people.)

After huge problems with my knees (apparently the kneecaps were out of place), and one summer of physical therapy, electro stim therapy, an MRI, and lots of x-rays, I'm finally back in place. And totally ready to keep poking.

Have a great day evening.


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