Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Yesterday, tragedy struck.
My hard drive in my faithful laptop,  Evans Jr., crashed.
I backed him up the day before. So I'm hoping that a majority of my work was saved. I still have to reinstall everything, recover all of my files, including homework assignments, all my pictures, thousands of songs, and tens of thousands of words worth of writing.
I'm pretty bummed, to say the least. It'll take like, three days for them to replace my hard drive, but I'm just glad that I can get everything back, and that Evans was under warranty so I didn't have to pay a cent. *gratefulness*
So I'm typing this out on my mother's laptop, and listening to the Dave Brubeck quartet.
Jazz :)
Smooth and epic. It's hard to go wrong with jazz. I love it. I play it. I listen to it. It is the foundation of good music. It is epic. It's just so rich. There are no rules in jazz other than the key signature. As long as you are hitting the right notes, you're fine. You'll be amazing. Trust me.
It's loose, toe-tapping, energizing music that fills you with pure amazingness. My personal favourite is Take Five. Such a great song, challenging to play, fun to improv, great to listen to. It's just amazing. The feel of jazz is different too. While classical is smooth, silky, like velvet, jazz, though in it's own way feels smooth, is sharp. Pointed. It orders you to get up and dance, and you won't mind.
Every time my dad plays jazz in our house, he always pulls me or my mom aside and starts dancing with us, swaying us, spinning us in our kitchen or living room and we laugh and no one can complain.

Jazz is the night sky. Smooth, bright, dark, silent, all at once.
Jazz is a roaring fire. Loud, warm, energizing, beautiful.
Jazz is music.

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