Monday, September 24, 2012

Fighting for Peace

I'm fighting for peace.
I'm battling through the waves of stress to get there. I'm tired. I'm exhausted and weak. And stuff was sprung on me that I don't like. I want to go lay down and watch the whipped-cream clouds drift over the cerulean sky. I want to dip my finger in them and lick the cream off my finger, but I know that it'll just taste like dirt and grass and outside.
And then, like usual God sends a song to kick me in the butt.
In this case, "Moving On", by Needtobreathe, a long favourite group of mine.

And the lyrics:
"I'm sick of good intentions, how they always tend to drown.
But then nothing seems to stay afloat living in the saddest town.
When the curtain falls for one last time and closes out the show,
Marching left, right, left, another step. Just keep smiling as you go.


"You're out of room for marking days on the wall
The lines remind of just how long I've been gone.
You're holding on but now it's time to let go.
Just... let it go."

We could be the story that'll break your heart
We could be the victim of a fall apart
Maybe we could last another week  or so.
But moving on means you gotta let it go."

Moving on means you gotta let it go.
I mean. Seriously.
Let it go.
Just do it.
Then, and only then, will peace prevail.

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