Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Sorry for my absence everyone :O I've been struggling through the last few stressful days of school, and am now on a siesta in a place no other than the LOVELY island of Kauai in Hawaii! (WHOOT) 

I thought I'd share some photos from the hike we took today! It was lovely! We hiked down in Waimea canyon hoping for a good view. 

Well, we got a lot of fog. That person out there is my dear sister.

War wounds :-( Fun hike! But it was very muddy. We ate rhambutan at the top and hoped and prayed for a break in the fog, then when we were just about to give up...

(here follows a more descriptive account than just onomatopoeia)
A wind came up out of nowhere, blowing away the clouds above us, when the sun came out and burned off clumps of cloud cover. A lush green valley lay below us, beneath a ribbon of cliff, and beyond it, the glittering silk that is the ocean, topped with glitters of breaking waves.
(here ends the descriptive account)

And here are some others :)


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