Wednesday, January 23, 2013

\\.remix and Adjustment


Breath trails from their lips, like dying cigarettes.
Lovers lost in fog.

Hating postponed good-byes. Hating inevitable ones. Separation grows tough, but it will only make them tougher.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder: it speaks true.

A hug farewell, and the once-entwined footprints are alone, going opposite ways.

They both resist, but can’t. They turn back once for a final wave, a final hint of her beautiful smile, his irresistible dimples. They’re faded visions through a bad instagram filter, a white, blurry vignette, faded colours, sadness permeated.

She presses long, chipped nails to her puckered lips and gently offers the kiss toward him, her breath carrying it over the still, thick fog. It flits slowly through the whiteness, a clouded butterfly, a splat of dainty colour. She watches it alight gently on his cheek, then she winks and turns around, letting the fog swallow her whole.

He peels the kiss off his cheek and presses it gently to his lips. He slips it into his pocket, and lets the fog engulf him, too.
Aeroplane flights, lonely nights.
Wandering thoughts, missing dreams.
Looking down, the lights drift
In the foggy ocean-land

Lonely islands of light
Bathed in sunset-waves
Of orange, pink, blue.

Lighting the paths back home
Back to her
Waiting for him


Sorry about the lapse y'all. I've been busy. A lot.
This story up here is one of my favourites I've written. And I've written a lot, you know that.
But this is one that never ends. It's an open-ended story. It's descriptive. It's vague. You can put yourself into it.
And it's about hipsters! I mean, c'mon.

But I'm so in love with this story. And I don't know why! But I love it so much! 


Who likes adjustment!!
No one...!
I don't really. I mean, just this week I got my hair cut. It wasn't terribly dramatic- just some length off- but I'm using tiny amounts of shampoo and conditioner! This is gonna save so much money! 

Today I came face-to-face to one of the girls who ruined my junior high experience. 
She also ruined my best friend's junior high experience.
We both really wanted to slap her, but were happy to find that she hated us as much as we hated her! Yay! 
I know this sounds horrible, and you're all saying "WHY ARE YOU SO HAPPY AT THIS?! FORGIVENESS, CHICA, FORGIVENESS" but you'd probably be as delighted as we were.

But once she left my life (and school--hallelujah), I had to change some things. The way I viewed myself, the way I viewed my school, how I approached work, how I would live without someone to rely on to tell me what to do or how to act. 
That's the hardest adjustment. It's not just an idea or a haircut, it's a whole paradigm. More than that, it's practically a worldview shift. 

I'm so glad my paradigm is now healthy. I love my God, I love my life. I talk to people who make me smile and I can be comfortable in my own skin and around people because I know who I am.

I have an identity in Christ.
I am beautiful (but not just because they tell me I am.)
I am loved and cherished (and not JUST by my parents--shocker)
I am who I am.

And I love it.


  1. That story was really good!! I loved it!
    Now may I please punch this girl in the face?! :P Forgiveness is something we should look into with this problem though. If we do we'll end up coming out of it as the better people. Just a thought :)

    1. That's what I meant to get across. Learning to forgive is hard for me, and I really do forgive her. It's taken years and years for me to get over the damage she's inflicted.
      Because I'm learning to forgive her, I know that despite what she's done, I can forgive her and will be all the better for it. I know this, and that's what I'm headed towards. :)

    2. (And if I didn't make that clear, I just did, and I apologize for any confusion inflicted)