Friday, October 26, 2012


It's too late for me to be up, but this essay is killing me. I've been agonizing over it for the last three hours and I only have 500 words on the page, three and a half roughly written paragraphs. It's annoying me. Mind, I have had some distractions: necessary conversations, food, and teateatea and more tea. Music has been my guide, Skittles have kept me awake, and good friends have kept me (mostly) sane. I'm set up in front of a warm fireplace, I have a beautifully planned but roughly written essay in front of me, and a warm puppy asleep on my toes.
Can it get better than this?
Hard to beat when joy is holding your hand.

Joy is something I can find at 12:30 am.
Joy is something that is warm.
Joy is something that never actually leaves.
Joy is someone you love.
Joy is something that makes you happy.
Joy is my 12:31am blog post.

What is joy to you?

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