Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Late nights and Funnies

"GR. lsdjfoaiwhefnldfgj"
"Oh, I use that word all the time!!"
"Yeah, ikr?! So great."
"Mhm. But seriously, what?"

I swear. I have some of the best friends ever.

We travel together, we make memories together. I kind of wish some of those times would come back to relive them.

These are from our dance last December. It kind of sucked. But the memories I took away from it were awesome.

The group I went with. Like, all of my friends.

We decided to link arms instead of hold hands. Because there were guys and it would be totes awk to hold hands. Obvi.

So yeah. I've had some great late night chats with some people, especially lately. (You know who you are. If you do, you're awesome. You people frequent this blog.)
One of which (not really 'late night') was the convo above. (Yeah you. You're awesome.) They go from anywhere from deep deep to me falling off the chair I'm laughing so hard.  

So yeah. You guys rock. All of you.

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