Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I'm the King of New York.

I'm a sucker for musicals.
One of my favourites is Newsies (*cough*Jennifer*cough*). I've seen it oh... a dozen times? It's so good. The original movie stars Christian Bale and, while he isn't the best singer, he sure is fantastic at acting.
Recently, they've created a Broadway musical that looks SO GOOD. If you watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade last year, you probably saw them perform "King of New York", one of their hits. (See, it's right down there!!) ^.^

The girl in the middle at one point sings, "So let's get drunk!" The rest of the boys hollah in agreement, but she follows it up with, "Not with liquor, fame works quicker, when you're king of New York!"

While it's amusing, it brings a poignant truth to mind that's all to apparent in the whole movie with Pulitzer, and that other newspaper guy Pulitzer is going against. Their fame has lead them to be drunk.
With power.

It's an interesting thought to keep in mind, something poignant to understand. There are times when we get power: be it a good grade, a compliment, or whatever, the power goes to your head. And you get drunk with the power.

Just keep that in mind ;)
Totes guilty.

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