Wednesday, October 17, 2012



Today is my birthday! I'm sixteen! WHAT.

Today was fantastic. From cake to balloons in my locker to swing dancing lessons and roses, it was a glorious, glorious day. Today just happened to be the one day this week where it was warm and sunny and beautiful, and I was able to steep myself in wonderful friendship in an otherwise boring day. Despite testing in the morning (dull) and a boorish english period (also dull), the times in between were fun, and filled with laughter and pure blessings.

Oh, and I'm going to go see "Wicked".
So, be jealous.

(Thanks to Abi, Zacraigory my bro, Janelle, Josiah, Mackenzie, Keiko, Abbie, Jennifer and everyone else who posted on my facebook wall for making my birthday wonderful!)

Homecoming roses! Thanks Joe :D

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