Wednesday, October 24, 2012


There are some things I really really respect, and want when I decide to date. If I ever date.
I want him to treat me like a princess, not an object to be used.
I want him to love me for who I am, not for who I was.
I want him to see me for who I really am, not a flesh-and-blood person.
I want him to love God for his grace and mercy, not just as a 'religion'.
I want him to love my parents for who they are, not just as 'my girlfriend's parents'.
I want him to put God as their priority, not me or themselves, because God should always be first.
I want him to honour our country and respect it, not just because they live in it.
I want him to be kind, not just superficially but honestly, deep down inside.
I want him to be truthful, not to hide anything from me.
I want him to be genuine, not to put on facades to make me happy.
I want him to be funny, not just to make me laugh, but to lighten my days.
I want him to be a gentleman, not just a man or a boy.
I want him to have integrity, and have me be his one and only girl.

I want him to give me his jacket when I'm cold.
I want him to open the door for me.
I want him to do silly things with me.

I don't want him to be a liar.
I don't want him to be a cheater.

Now these are high stakes. But I know that if I lower my standards, no good can or will come from it. So I'll set my standards high, and hope that in time, if the right man comes along, I will know, and God will make it clear who it is, and when (if) I'm ready.

Anyway. Just some thoughts been bouncing around in my little head lately. I am happy single and will be for a long while now. :)
Oh, this page has had over 1000 page views so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU loyal fans one and all :D 

Anyway, OUT

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