Tuesday, October 9, 2012


As you (hopefully) know, I was in San Francisco this last week, Thursday through yesterday evening. 
It was fun! Really fun :D
So here's some pics.

SKYLINE. I love skylines. And San Francisco has a gorgeous one! That's the bay bridge on the right and I think Alcatraz is in there somewhere but... hm... I don't think so. Yeah. Not in there. This picture was taken from Sausalito. Which I thought was an island, because you take a ferry there, but apparently not. It's off of a peninsula. 

Me and my friend. We got these legit sunglasses. Be jelly.

The hotel we stayed at. It doesn't look like much, eh? But it is so much more! It was hipster-y and art-deco-y and like. Epic. Yup. And they have awesome fire escapes so. #winning

A sunset. Right behind us was Ghirardelli Square. We didn't actually go to the square, but whatever. We were waiting for a cable car to take us back to the hotel. 

It was fun, but I'm glad to be home. I like being home. Being gone is fun, but honestly, there's nothing nicer than getting home. And I'm glad I'm back.

When I fly on planes, which is ridiculously often, my favourite part is the arrival, landing, especially if it's a nighttime flight or a flight at dusk, because the sunsets are SO PRETTY :D 

That one's from Texas, not an aeroplane. But it's just as pretty. 

Anyhoo. Sorry for the lag. See y'all later!!

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