Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Roadwork and Lazy

So I've been lazy.
More like busy, but yeah. I've been lazy. I haven't posted in like. A week. I'm really sorry. And I'm too lazy to post something legit like a word for the day here but instead I'll just post a thought.

I went to Seattle yesterday on a field trip to the zoo. Would you believe the amount of roadwork going on?! It's ridiculous. 
There's an old joke that there are four seasons in western Washington. Almost rainy, rainy, still rainy, and road construction. Though there is always road construction going on in Washington. Roads torn up, traffic, traffic, traffic.

If you think about it, we're kind of like roads. We go somewhere. We start somewhere and end somewhere. And we're always under construction. God is always working on us. He puts up the 'Road Work Ahead' sign, and we see it coming. It's inevitable. We can't stop it. And we struggle through the rough pavement, pieces of us being torn up and torn out and replaced.
We don't like it. Gosh, it hurts like hell. (Pardon the expression). But when it's all over, you look back on the nice smooth pavement, the wide roadway, and you know that it was worth it somehow. And you survived. Surviving is nice.

I'm off to San Francisco on Thursday. Wish me luck!!

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