Monday, October 15, 2012


I'm a klutz. I always have been, really. Tonight, I was sitting at Red Robin with my dad, minding my own business (meaning shaking the almost-empty catsup bottle to get the last bit out for my fries) when I knocked my tray and dropped a chicken tender on the floor.
Needless to say, both my dad and I just cracked up, and a really nice waiter came over and picked it up and said, "Here, I'll remake this for you," and came back five minutes later with a freshly made chicken finger.

It was a bright spot in an otherwise miserable day.
The rain that makes my city infamous has returned, and as much as I love it, being stuck outside in 40 degree weather for an hour or so while your dad is stuck in traffic will make your toes numb and dampen your spirits. Literally and figuratively. And some stuff at school wasn't going too well. I was frustrated and sick all day, angry at people and schoolwork, but a nice warm dinner with my dad that was made better by my klutziness really topped it off well.

And now I just want to curl up in front of a fire with a good book.
Oh wait, I am!

Now to see if I can sleep tonight... O_O

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