Sunday, October 14, 2012


NaNo has been a topic I've been more than eager to avoid these last few months. Last year's NaNo for me was a flop, and I've been hesitant to plan out a novel because of my busy days and that I've found a ne, different approach to writing that wouldn't fold out well in a novel.
Because, last time I checked, poetry is hard to make a 50 thousand word story out of.

But here I am, typing out a synopsis for an Alice in Wonderland or, Alice in Dystopia. It's an interesting concept I've been humouring for awhile- what would be different if Alice lived in a different time, a different place? What if she was different altogether?
Out of this came Suri Robwyn- my Alice in Dystopia.

It’s 3997, and it’s time for Suri Robwyn to turn her life around. In the broken down dystopia she lives in, jobs for seventeen year old girls are scarce and hard to find— doubly as tough for Suri. She’s chronically ill, and though her seizures are starting to become less and less frequent, no one will hire her. But with a new millenium approaching and technology skyrocketing, she knows that some day there will be an affordable solution for her problem.
But when the application form for the Stede Messenger Institute for Boys and Girls shows up, she sees a new way to get out of the shabby hotel she works in, and a whole new way to see the city: to become a messenger. 
But this is harder than she realises, and before long, she’ll discover even more dangers with the menacing Red Queen, the shady, insane Hatter, and the mysterious disappearing cat from Cheshire. 

So? Your thoughts? It need a lot more research, a lot more thought, and some serious cyborg planning, but otherwise, I think it'll be great.
And if I don't finish it in November, I'll finish it later on :)

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